These sessions provide your baby with the framework for natural, physical and psychological development. Your baby will be given the opportunity to experience physical and sensory aspects such as group music warms up designed to build strength and co-ordination and sensory cool downs using bubbles, music and lights. Sessions cater for babies from 8 weeks old to crawling.

Please note there are no baby gym classes in the last week of term. Please check our Facebook page or call us on 07956 749506.





Our pre school classes are a fun relaxed way to introduce your little one into the sport of gymnastics. Whether your child wants to explore the gym space and equipment freely or wants to learn to do a forward roll or cartwheel, Majestic’s has an option for everyone.



Our evening recreational classes cater for all abilities of school aged children. During these sessions your child will get the opportunity to explore the FUNdamentals of movement in a safe and fun environment. All sessions work towards the core basis of gymnastics including strength, balance and flexibility. Gymnasts will learn new skills through progressive circuits designed to challenge them individually. Each term gymnasts have the opportunity to gain pins and certificates from our very our Majestic’s s award scheme. Each gymnast will have their very own gymnast record book to take home with them enabling parents to keep up to date with their child’s progress. Majestic gymnastics take pride in being a positive, fun, safe environment using only experience, qualified coaches.​




Whether your child enjoys, bouncing in the back garden or you want a thrilling way to keep fit trampoline gymnastics caters for everyone. Our evening trampoline classes aim to improve confidence, spatial awareness and skill level. Each turn on the trampoline offers the participate specific instruction to help develop their own personal skill level. Majestic’s prides itself on being a positive, fun, safe environment using only experienced, qualified coaches.


Balance Beam


If you’re over 18, adult gymnastics provides a new opportunity to try out an amazing sport. During these sessions you can challenge yourself in a range of activities, and by building your strength, flexibility and control you’ll see your performance improve in other sports too. As you’re starting out you will learn the basic moves and how to perform them on apparatus such as the trampoline and vault. As your strength and flexibility increases, you can challenge yourself to to try increasingly difficult moves. These sessions run term time only and are on a pay as you go system.



Please click link below for details of our adult trampolining class.


FreeG is about total freedom, combining elements from martial arts, stunt performances and gymnastics. After learning the basic safety, technique and gym etiquette its down to you to explore different ways of movement and jumping. Whether its a wall flip you want to experience or perform a stair jump, majestic’s has something to offer everyone. Sessions start from 8 years old and run on a Monday evening during term time.


With no need to book and pay-as-you-go these sessions are perfect for anyone looking to learn a specific skill or an exciting way to keep fit.


Monday: 7.15pm - 8.15pm (term time only)



With no need to book and pay on arrival these sessions are perfect for parents to drop in and see what Majestic gymnastics has to offer. During these sessions gymnasts have the opportunity to enjoy the gym and its equipment in a relaxed manner with qualified, experienced coaches on hand to help with any specific requirements your gymnast may have. With expert supervision and a playful enviroment, its a great way for them to have fun and lay the foundations of a healthy, active lifestyle.


PLEASE NOTE: These sessions are not currently running